Solid Colors

Route 66 Solid

Route 66 Solid
Route 66 Solid
Route 66 Solid


• 2 thermo plastic alloy shells, Small shell used for sizing, XXSmall, XSmall, and Small.- Large shell for sizes Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge.
• 2 hidden exhaust vents with channelled EPS to help air circulation and rider comfort. 
• Retro style bubble black visor, fastened with 3 screws making it secure and noise free. 
• Zip out style rear curtain (neck roll) with facility to hold / hide audio system, covered in black leather and snaps.
• Removable interior for easy washing / cleaning, thermo welded breathable material
• D-Ring retention system and DOT certified. 
Quick release inner sun shield, hard coated clear and tint smoke shields included with each helmet.