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Goliath Snow Solid

Goliath Snow Solid
Goliath Snow Solid
Goliath Snow Solid


Our entry level modular provides unbelievable value, innovation, comfort, and safety.  Features include:
-Available ONLY in Big Sizes - 2XL - 4XL 
- Single hand, push button release to raise jaw piece. 
- Double Lens (D/L) and Electric Lens (E/L) is hard-coated with maximum USA manufactured anti-fog material
- Scratch resistant optical visor GE Lexan.
- UV Clear coat finish.
- Double D-Ring chinstrap.
- Included are breath-guard with adjustable Velcro strip for optimal positioning, as well as Chin curtain and plush fabric carry bag. 
- Recessed ear pockets, with ready-to-use pouches for communications devices.
- Removable anti-allergic washable lining
- 2 adjustable front jaw vents, 2 upper intake vent, and 2 rear extraction vents provide superior airflow
Available in XXL,XXXL,XXXXL
Weight 1680 grams (size 2XL with EL)
The Coyote adheres to ECE-22-05 and DOT safety standards.